Sri Radhakalyana Mahotsav

Radhe Radhe,

Sri Radha Kalyana Mahotsavam in Bhagavatha Dharama is performed in the form of traditional Sampradhaya bhajan format comprising of Thodayamangalam, Sri Jayadevar Astapathi, Kalyanotsavam, Thaila Snanam, Pravaram, Kannikadhanam, Mangalastakam, Thirumangalya Dharanam, Sangraha Poojopacharam, Nalangu and Anjaneyotsavam. The Kalyana Utsavam is so divine, it gives blissful experience to all those who participate in this glorious event. The Lagnashtakam portion of Radha Kalyanam mentions the significance of participating in Bhagavan’s divine Kalyana Utsavam. It is said, all the Graha devathas are so pleased and are in favorable position during Kalyana Utsavam and those blessed ones who attend the Utsavam gets relieved from all kinds of Navagraha doshas. It is said, the Rishis are so pleased witnessing Bhagavan’s divine marriage, that they give a part of their thapas to all those who participate in the Kalyana Utsavam. The participants gets the pahala of doing snanam in all Punya Nadhis. Since we do this Kalyana Utsavam to Bhagavan & Thayar and for Bhagavath preeethi alone, wont he fulfill all our earnest prayers?

The place where Nama Sankirtanam happens, the bakthas who do NamaSankirtanam, both get sanctified!

Suggested Donation of $351 to host Radhakalyana Mahotsav at your residence. We accept cash and check. Checks payable to “Global Organization for Divinity”.

Prasadam Preparation:

Generally kalyana baksanams like 11 laddos, Murukku (chakli) and sweet are offered during Kalyanam. Quantity can be less based on convenience of the host.

All the other items cooked for serving Bhakthas, kindly do not use Onion and garlic.


All the donations go to various worthy causes like Pooja offerings at Namadwaar(NithyaSeva), GOD activities like Veda Patashala, Ancient temple Renovation, Go Samrakshanam, AnnaDhanam, Cultural and Heritage Festivals.

Suggested Donation of minimum $351 to host Radhakalyana Mahotsav at your residence. We accept cash and check. Checks payable to “Global Organization for Divinity”.

Global Organization for Divinity (GOD) is a US 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exempt organization. Your contributions to GOD during this calendar year will be eligible for tax deductions if itemized, in accordance to the prevailing state and federal tax laws. All donations made are 100% tax-deductible in USA.

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List of Items for Radhakalyanam:


Fruits Bananas-8 , Apples-6, Oranges – Any other fruit host wishes to offer
Nuts Almonds, Cashews ,raisins small pack all unprocessed and not roasted
Turmeric Small pack
Agarbathi Small pack
2 garlands One for Premika Varadhan and one for picture
Loose Flowers 3 bunch(For Archana and Pooja)
Jamine Strings 2 boxes( If possible)
Beetle leaves 12
Beetle Nuts 1 pkt (Not scented Supari)
Kumkum Aarthi To welcome lord
10 papads Fried or Microwave
Sunnam in Telugu (Chunnambu in Tamil) 1 tsp for mixing Nalungu
Tirumangalyam Yellow rope with turmeric in center
Chandanam powder Small pack
New Vastram (New Saree , Dhoti and blouse bit) Host can offer and take back
Vada Mala 11 vadas for Anjayneyar Utsavam
Paruppu thengai
Kallu uppu ( rock salt)
Coconut 3 Nos
Mango Leaves 2 Bunches

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