NAMA Biksha

A Solitary rose or a jasmine flower smells great, no doubt. But, it can never match the sweet fragrance of a bouquet full of them. Likewise, chanting nama individually is great, but, more radiant are the vibes generated by chanting as a group.

—H H Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Nama chanting is an integral part of GOD Atlanta’s activities. Efforts are made reach out and encourage more and more people. Nama programs are scheduled to cater to today’s busy schedules.

DAILY NAMA: Namadwaar is open 7 days a week to everyone interested in chanting. Devotees chant Nama throughout the day.

AKANDA NAMA: Akanda Nama is conducted once a month at Namadwaar. More details to be added here.

SUNDAY NAMA: The Sunday Nama is  a special effort to propagate the benefits of chanting the Mahamantra to more and more people. Taking Nama to individual homes and encouraging families and friends to reap the benefits of this simple form of a powerful offering to the Lord.
Sunday Nama is schedule and contact info to be added here

WEEKLY NAMA: Along with our Daily Nama and Sunday Nama programs, GOD Atlanta also conducts weekly Nama sessions at these locations

  1. HANUMAN MANDIR : Tuesday 7:30 – 9:00 pm. Do we add the address here for these locations and contact info

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