Madhuragithams are divine compositions on Krishna experienced by Sri. Swamiji while immersed in Bhakthi. A treasure trove of over 900 Madhuragithams. reflect the Bhakthi and love of Sri. Swamiji for the Lord. Some of the Madhuragitams are set in very rare Carnatic classic ragas. “Jaya Jaya Srinivasa..” is one such composition which is set in the Raga, Vandhana Dharini. It is said, that there are very few Carnatic classic compositions in this Raga.

Madhuragitham arpanam :
As ordained by Sri. Ramanujamji, senior disciple of Sri. Swamiji Madhuragitam is sung every day for the pleasure of the Lord and Sri. Swamiji.  This unique Kainkaryam began on the auspiscious day of Ugadhi of 2018 and about 900 compositions will be offered for the pleasure of Takurji and Sri. Guruji by God Atlanta devotees and musicians by Ugadhi of 2019.

Annual Madhuragitham Utsvam :
As the name says, it is a Utsavam or celebration of these divine compositions. GOD Atlanta started Madhuragitham utsavam 4 years ago. The 2 hour program was initially conducted across 5 weekends attracting a lot of people. Local musicians participated in the program. By Sri. Swamiji’s grace the increasing popularity of the program attracted more people willing to participate in the event.

Madhurgitham Utsavam which started with a few singers from Atlanta, is now a big event with over 200 Kids and Adults participating every year. The program is conducted in a huge auditorium. Local Music and Dance teachers participate in the full day event. Smt. Gayathri Vasanth ji NOTED MUSICIAN has been leading this wonderful effort.

Madhuragitham classes: GOD Atlanta conducts classes for children and adults, once a week on Fridays. For those interested to participate in any of the Madhuragitham related events or learn Madhuragitam, please write to us at

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