Gopa Kuteeram

‘Gopa Kuteeram’ refers to the play-house of young Lord Krishna and the Gopas, His playmates of Vrindavan. So ‘Gopa Kuteeram’ signifies a place where children have enormous fun along with and in the presence of the Lord. The programs are conducted in a fun, interactive way with lots of discussions, Q & A’s, role-plays, stimulating games, quizzes and more.

GOD Atlanta conducts 8 different Gopa Kuteeram across Atlanta. Below are our locations –

Gopa Kuteeram 1

Location: Alpharetta
Schedule: Sunday 5:00PM To 6:00 PM
Address: Hanover Place
Contact Person: Vijay/Aarti
Email ID:
Mobile: 864-320-4053

Gopa Kuteeram 2

Location: Cumming
Schedule: Friday 7:00 To 8:00 PM
Address: Edgebrook community
Contact Person: Jeya/Kishore
Email ID:
Mobile: 678-427-8530

Gopa Kuteeram 3

Location: Cumming
Schedule: Sunday 6:15 PM To 7:15 PM
Address: Marketplace Commons
Contact Person: Vinodini/Teja
Email ID:
Mobile: 505-210-1024

Gopa Kuteeram 4

Location: Marietta
Schedule: Sundays 5:30 PM To 6:30 PM
Address: Walton Reserve community
Contact Person: Vilasini and Sai
Email ID:
Mobile: 404-939-2295

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