Atlanta Ratha Yatra

Radhe Radhe,

Every year during the Memorial Day Long Weekend (Last Monday of May) GOD Atlanta organizes Sri Jagannath Swami Ratha Yatra. On this day we take Sri Jagannath Swami along with His brother Balahbadra and Sister Subhadra on a procession on a grandly decorated Ratha Yatra in the midst of thongs of devotees. During the yatra all devotees assemble on either side of Ratha and joyously pull the Ratha with full enthusiasm and devotion to welcome Sri Jagannath Swami into their hearts. On this day we also organize Chappan Bhog, offering of at least 56 items, for the pleasure of Sri Jagannath along with hosting vana bhojanam for all devotees. Click on below links to view more details on Ratha Yatra –

  1. Sri Jagannath Swami Ratha Yatra – 2018
  2. Sri Jagannath Swami Ratha Yatra – 2017

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