Satsang at West Virginia

By Sri Guruji’s grace, SAT’s Nama Sankirtanam program at West Virgina organized by Gayatriji went very well.

Some of our dear satsang bakthas from our ATL satsang were showing interest to join in future trips as well.

If our host in New States are open to accomodate many families, we will surely post in our Kainkaryam Group and its always a pleasure to go with our Atl satsang families. Some hosts very clearly give a number count and specifically say not to exceed due to logistics like accomodation and prasadam. Thats why some states have limited participation. Once we establish good relationship, we can go as a big team and have a lovely satsang as always together.

Will keep you all posted on programs where we get open invites.

Please continue approaching new states and lets make our Sri G Vision 2020 a reality soon !

Jai Gurunath !

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